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Fresh Massive Recruitment!!! DHL Hiring Staff : Jobs Vacancies World Wide ( For Graduates and Non Graduates) 2018

DHL is present in over two hundred twenty countries and territories all over the world, making it the most global business enterprise inside the global. DHL Express picks up goods and packages right at your door and takes them to wherever you request. The company provides door-to-door delivery services to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide through some 4,500 facilities.

It maintains a fleet of about 350 aircraft and more than 62,000 vehicles. DHL Express offers international same-day deliveries and allows business and private customers to track shipments online. Other services include after-hours pickup and delivery, customs-clearance assistance, dangerous-goods handling, insurance, and packaging. DHL Express is one of four businesses of express delivery and logistics giant DHL, which itself is a unit of Deutsche Post.

Job Description
To improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the Accounts Receivable Operation through process improvements, automation and harmonization with the aim to optimize working capital, minimize transactional costs and control DP DHL exposure to bad debt losses.

  • He/she directly manages a team of supervisors, clerks and experts.
  • He/she is responsible for DSO, bad Debt Provision/Expenses and customer relationship management in his direct scope of responsibility.
  • He/she continuously improves OTC processes using First Choice methodology as well as launching optimization initiatives.
  • He/she carries operational accountability and secures business continuity, and delivers improved operational effectiveness against evolving business requirements

Benefits in DHL Company:

  • Housing: agency-paid or organization-supplied not furnished or furnished
  • Holiday (non-paid and paid)
  • Disability earnings-safety
  • Organization insurance (life dental and health and extra)
  • Retirement benefits
  • Lessons
  • Social security
  • Conveyance
  • Reimbursement
  • Income sharing,
  • Enterprise scholar loan contributions,
  • Extra specialized blessings


  1. In addition, applicants must have a good knowledge of DHL Finance systems.
  2. Strong ability to make impact and influence
  3. Excellent business/commercial acumen
  4. Experience in multicultural environment. People management experience and Knowledge of the courier / logistics industry.
  5. Fluency in English.

Interested Candidates should apply using the Link Provided


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